31 January 2012

How Enterprise Asset Management Benefits Your Manufacturing Operation


Does this scenario sound familiar? Your lead times are up, costs are up and you don’t know what’s happening from one work center to the next. If it does, first, I understand – been there; done that. Now, I can tell you it’s not going to get any better unless you look at evolving your manufacturing assets and resources.

When I say evolve, I am referring to growing your infrastructure and improving your process efficiency with enterprise asset management. It may sound like a complex and, perhaps, uncertain option, but there are many many benefits. In fact, I’ll share with you some of the top benefits in this post.

Here are a few ways enterprise asset management can benefit your manufacturing operation:

How Enterprise Asset Management Benefits Manufacturing

  • Reduce downtime – Downtime is the bane of every manufacturers schedule. If there’s a problem, it needs a resolution and fast. With added downtime, your production schedule backs up and your projected profits go down. Now combine multiple work centers and you could have more than one issue, with possibly larger implications.With enterprise asset management, you can take a more proactive stance with each work center and the assets that lead up to your production schedule. This also helps your staff work more efficiently and achieve their goals by giving them the resources and information they need.

  • Streamline processes – I’ve spoken before about streamlining processes – it still is, after all, a subject I feel very strongly about! That’s because today’s manufacturing operation isn’t going to grow by sticking with outdated systems or processes – it needs to evolve. This means embracing streamlining and automation of critical practices.By integrating enterprise asset management into your manufacturing mix, you benefit as you move away from manual or repetitive processes with a more automated solution. Also, by staying up-to-date on your technology and organizational data, you know where everything is and what everyone is doing.

  • Gain insights– Running an effective manufacturing operation requires many technical, business and operational responsibilities. If your company wants to find where it can save funds or create more efficiency, it’s important to know what your cost of ownership is and how you can improve it.Again, enterprise asset management is an indispensable resource to gain insights into your manufacturing operations and know how your work centers perform, as well as what it will take to accomplish company goals. By utilizing this add-on with your existing Microsoft Dynamics AX system, you won’t have to guess at what will work – you’ll already know.

Today, it is vital to evolve beyond simple spreadsheets, worksheets and sketches to look at a total asset management system. With enterprise asset management, your manufacturing processes gain more efficiency, a proactive stance against downtime and insights for unleashing potential. This leads to growth, not only in your production schedule, but also in your profit margin.

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