Equipment manufacturer deploys integrated ERP to support growth

Jan 8, 2014 12:00:00 AM

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Like other manufacturing companies, WEMO aims to adjust to changing customer preferences and market drivers. The company made a strategic decision to become more competitive by cutting its lead times for customer delivery in half. The way to accomplish that was to transform a more traditional, department organization into fast-moving project teams. To realize this ambitious goal, WEMO relies extensively on To-Increase Industrial Equipment Manufacturing and Microsoft Dynamics NAV in an integrated ERP infrastructure that supports WEMO’s processes and helps employees control and direct every single activity with a view toward achieving the company’s main objective.

Today, the core of WEMO’s manufacturing activities runs largely on Industrial Equipment Manufacturing and Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Design engineers use the PTC Windchill 3D project life-cycle management (PLM) application to develop machines and their components. To-Increase provided the integration of the PLM and ERP systems. WEMO found that the To-Increase technology fit with its requirements and processes in a standardized form with minimal customizations. The company uses most intensely the Advanced Job Management component of Industrial Equipment Manufacturing. Says Jan-Evert Mulder, ICT Supervisor at WEMO, “The task structure in Advanced Job Management is an excellent fit for WEMO—it fully aligns with our processes.”

To-Increase technology serves as a key enabler for WEMO and its project teams. “To-Increase supports our organizational goals most effectively, and I would absolutely recommend their technology and expertise to other companies with requirements similar to ours,” says Mulder. “Because Industrial Equipment Manufacturing reaches so far into all aspects of our operation, the solution’s flexibility to adapt to our processes is extremely valuable.”

Download the case study at /industry-solutions/discrete-manufacturing/advanced-project-management.aspx

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