24 September 2012

Enterprise Resource Planning Supports Advanced Discrete Manufacturing

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In advanced discrete manufacturing, you need many things. You need visibility, fast production and resources. If you don’t have all of this, you have a higher probability for experiencing issues with production. That’s where ERP comes into play. You get more done, with less effort and more visibility into your production environment. Let’s take a look at it now and see how ERP helps advanced discrete manufacturing stay productive.

Enterprise Resource Management Helps Advanced Discrete Manufacturing

With warehouse systems, what areas are the best to improve? Let’s take a closer look:

• Poor inventory accuracyAdvanced discrete manufacturing requires a consistent view of what you have to complete work. If you don’t, you can’t forecast or even know how much work you can take on. That doesn’t even take into consideration the need for pinpoint accuracy of your inventory.This is where ERP would help manufactures know, on a consistent basis, where, how much and needs of inventory for the organization. It’s tracked, numbered and alerts you when you need more. This is critical to maintain shop floor productivity.

• Insufficient capacity – Resources and more resources. That’s what many manufactures that practice advanced discrete manufacturing need. Although they need them, it’s not always easy to see if they need more. After all, you do have to run a business.Again, with enterprise resources planning, you know where and what resources exist. If you need more, you already know and that’s when you can advert a possible problem with resources for your production schedule.

• Limited production visibility – On the shop floor, you need to know what’s happening. If your production times are off or you’re resources need help, how do you know? Yes, there is a way for us in advanced discrete manufacturing.With ERP, you have a wide view of your production schedule and resources. If you have a problem or if even if you are ahead of schedule, you already know. No limited visibility– just an eye on your entire shop floor.

Advanced discrete manufacturing requires many things, including an eye on your production, shop floor and knowing if you need help. With ERP, you don’t need to guess; you already know.

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