25 July 2012

Enterprise Asset Management & Manufacturing Software: Order Types

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It doesn’t matter your order type; from custom to stock orders, your enterprise asset management system and other manufacturing software must stack up or you’ve left in the dark. As a manufacturer, you probably get a different mix of these order types and need something that will help you keep your head above water.

Let’s look at each type of order cycle and how manufacturing software helps each one.

Enterprise Asset Management with Manufacturing Software

Utilizing your enterprise asset management system to process custom and stock orders may seem similar, but they differ and if you get them wrong, you might add more of a workload for yourself.

Customer Orders

When you get custom orders for product, you must ensure you’re ready for them. Since they come from the sales orders, it’s best to plan ahead and be sure your enterprise asset management process is efficient.

From order to processing, custom orders require a special link between your sales modules and your production systems. This is where enterprise asset management is essential. If you don’t have eyes on the beginning, during and end, you’re blind to things like time lines, costs and needs in inventory.

This doesn’t even include those “once off” or “on a whim” orders. This is where your system must have flexibility and the intuition to meet the business and customer needs.

Stock Orders

If your sales forecasts look full, so does your stock order inventory and production cycles. If there are changes, then your enterprise asset management system must bend with it. Unlike customer orders, stock orders go off of historical data and projections from input of company forecasts.

With stock orders, you get the normalcy of a consistent workload and consistent inventory needs. Even though it’s more consistent than custom orders, from time-to-time, they might need changes in the inventory and that’s where the enterprise asset management system shows its strength.

Enterprise Asset Management Helps Business

No matter the scenario, custom or stock, having the right manufacturing software and solutions will give you the eyes and insights into what assets you need for any given order cycle and how you will prepare for the future.

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