21 November 2010

Discrete Manufacturing Health Can Be Found In Your Alphabet Soup

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Discrete manufacturing solution names resemble an alphabet soup, no matter how you choose to stir them.

And considering my post on discrete manufacturing acronyms continues to delight new readers each month, most of you are likely in agreement.

According to research from Tech-Clarity, for manufacturing companies to succeed in today’s market, process innovations must be put into place to ensure:

  • Products are brought to market faster

  • Operations run leaner

Achieving the first bullet above happens when PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) or PDM (Product Data Management) solutions are brought in to help with the management of engineering data. After implementation of PLM or PDM, many companies see positive impacts in areas ranging from product data control to automation. These positive impacts allow for increased efficiency and help support a culture where ‘faster time to market’ is a right, not a privilege.

Taking this a step further, PDM or PLM can integrate with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems to help manufacturers coordinate these process changes smoothly across the supply chain.  By streamlining operations, ERP helps us achieve our second critical bullet above by helping us reduce the costs associated with integrating necessary innovations.

Bottom-line, without efficient data and process operations, manufacturing companies lose productivity and waste valuable funds and resources. To be successful, manufacturing processes must either maintain – or be nurtured back – to optimal health.

And has there ever been a better way to stay healthy than with a hot bowl of soup? (Alphabet for me, please.)

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Luciano Cunha,
Luciano Cunha,
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