9 July 2014

Large Swedish Meat Producer Gets An Integrated ERP System

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Dalsjöfors Kött, the large Swedish producer of meat products, created an integrated ERP system on the basis of Microsoft Dynamics AX and To-Increase Food & Beverage, supported by To-Increase RapidValue for process enhancements and To-Increase Data Collection Studio for accurate transaction processing in the warehouses. Even before the company is making use of all solution capabilities in Dynamics AX and the To-Increase solutions, it is clear that the ERP project is a success, resulting in a centralized solution to run all business operations with excellent business intelligence and control over the flow of items from production to customer delivery.

CIO Magnus Hagberg says, “Our most notable improvement is that now everybody in the business can see the same, current information from sales, the warehouses, and our finances. Visibility in the warehouse was an issue because our production moves so fast, and sales has to have correct inventory detail or run into problems. Today, the sales team can always verify accurate stock levels from all three warehouses and make reliable delivery commitments to customers. Sales associates, who no longer use several spreadsheets, save much time, and are far more effective in helping customers in a single call.”

Benefits of the company’s Dynamics AX and To-Increase implementation include:

  • Centralized business management solution for all locations, business groups, and processes
  • Business-ready ERP with extensive industry functionality
  • Real-time visibility of warehouse and transaction information for finance, sales, and operations managers
  • Improved financial and executive decision-making
  • Greater accuracy and efficiency in warehouse events
  • Detailed, reliable tracking and control of items through the company’s processes

You can download the full case study here.

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