9 June 2010

Better Order Management through Better Business Intelligence

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Optimal business intelligence enables organizations to obtain the necessary information to recognize operational patterns and identify and correct issues. Systems such as CRM and ERP solutions help companies fully leverage planning and execution data to facilitate greater control over supplier, partner and financial performance across the entire supply chain.

When companies use effective business intelligence systems, the benefits can enhance supply chain logistics functionality and efficiency.  The To Increase fact sheet on order management solutions outlines the benefits of using better business intelligence to create better supply chain logistics management.  Such benefits include:

  • Ability to manage items, purchases and sales documents using an event-based workflow and quality assurance process

  • Create flexibility between inventory and sales unites of measure

  • Split the cost price into one or most cost components

  • Manage inventory through logistical bottlenecks

  • Specifically manage customer price and discount agreements

Features of optimal business intelligence software provide enhancements that support workflow management.  Such features should include document workflow to support the management of sales and purchasing documents, and item workflow to set individualized criteria for each particular item.  It is also important that business intelligence solutions provide features that allow for maintain cost-price surcharges.

If these features and benefits align with the goals of your company’s supply chain management, complete the form to the right for a free download to the Order Management Solutions fact sheet.

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