29 August 2012

Advanced Discrete Manufacturing and the Future


Many manufacturing pros know how advanced discrete manufacturing helps their processes now, but wait about the future? Do you see your production system evolving? That’s what many organizations don’t grasp – you need to consider the future and what will keep your brand competitive. I believe advanced discrete manufacturing can will get you there, if it’s done right.

Solving Problems for Manufacturers

Advanced discrete manufacturing helps manufacturers solve their problems and streamline process flow.

Here are three of the big issues facing manufacturers:

• Competition – Competition is always an issue and when your industry always changes, you need to keep an eye on what’s going on. Based on globalization, more companies are consolidating to keep up and swallowing up those competitors.

• Product configurability – Configurability is on the rise and more manufacturing consumers want more than a stock product. Manufacturers are obliging and seeking ways to balance out resource allocation and demand for those seeking configurable results.

• Organization and efficiency – Along with the above demands, manufacturers must effectively organize their efforts, while maintaining efficient operations. It’s not easy and it may take some adjusting, but advanced discrete manufacturing will do well to be more organized, which can lead to greater efficiency and better results.

How Advanced Discrete Manufacturing is the Future

• Get an edge – When manufacturers invest in technology and embrace the principles of advanced discrete manufacturing, you develop an edge over your competition. Don’t just stop with increasing efficiency and reducing waste in your manufacturing process - do your diligence to bring organization and efficiency to financing, innovation, training and more.

• Customize and thrive – The need for more customized production and products can entice manufacturers evolve their practices. More and more professionals turn to advanced discrete manufacturing strategies for greater customization. That gives them more appeal to customers when they’re shopping for a manufacturing provider.

• Increase efficiency – Efficiency is the name of the discrete manufacturing game. It’s not just about a one-time implementation; it’s day-to-day operations and improving the efficiency of the entire system. Embracing advanced discrete manufacturing gives you this and even helps put things into place for the future of your business, with considerations for growing beyond your current facilities.

Advanced discrete manufacturing isn’t just about today; it’s about tomorrow and how it will help you jump in front of your competitors in the long run. Embracing it sooner rather could give your brand the edge it needs.

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Luciano Cunha,
Luciano Cunha,
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