14 January 2013

3D Manufacturing Makes the Impossible Possible


It’s not something you see in just the movies – you can make a product, just by printing it out. What’s that? Don’t believe me?

It’s true. 3D manufacturing takes advanced discrete manufacturing to a whole new level. To elaborate, I found great articles on the Economist and the Washington Post that sum it up.

After reading these pieces, I came away with some key points:

Three Takeaways for 3D Manufacturing

  • Production schedules – Looking at 3D manufacturing from a schedule standpoint, I can see where this will speed up times and improve customer satisfaction. By “inking” many of the required products, say in a smartphone, you can have many of the components ready, without waiting on a supplier or others to make it.

  • Simplify product creation – No longer will creating a product include cumbersome creation – with 3D manufacturing, you can print it out. This gives advanced discrete manufacturing an edge and will help manufacturers simplify creating components, including the final product completion.

  • Reduce costs– Think about it, if you could print out the circuitry of a smartphone and embed it, without additional labor, how would that help reduce costs? It would save you a lot of time, resources and cost on inventory. Again, 3D manufacturing does make the impossible into the possible, with the help of technology that’s here, today.

Discrete manufacturing gives manufacturers an edge on costs, time and waste management for product creation and shipment. Now, add in 3D manufacturing and you have a mixture for doing the impossible.

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Luciano Cunha
Luciano Cunha,
Luciano Cunha,
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