Learn How Mobility Solutions Can Help Your Field Resources

December 4, 2018
Learn How Mobility Solutions Can Help Your Field Resources

Today, the information technology scenario has an increasing focus on empowering on-field teams with mobility solutions. What is more, it is not just about having generic mobility solutions, but solutions that have specific functionalities that are part of your ERP system on a mobile or tablet. This would not only be helpful to the field personnel but will also encourage a better workflow and facilitate more cohesive coordination between the field personnel and the back office.

A few years ago, such a thing would have been considered if not impossible, at least somewhat of a luxury. However, in today’s world, it has become a vital element in the streamlining of your operations. It is no longer acceptable to rely on inefficient processes with phone calls between your back office and field personnel and the incomplete memory of your busy resources on the field to run your business. You are required to provide immaculate service and maintain impeccable records at all times. The era of mobility solutions is here to address these issues.

However, just having your ERP system duplicated onto a handheld device may not be the answer here. What is needed is to build applications specifically to address mobility needs; then the outcome would be in sync with the specific needs of your company and make it easier to use. Not only does this ensure better usability but also significantly reduces mistakes making it a definite asset to both the employees as well as managers.

“The time of our field workers is better used to carry out their core work, not paperwork!” – DynaRent understands that.

Increased efficiency, easier paperwork, adherence to processes, and real-time update of jobs done, are some of the reasons why many rental companies have started to invest in mobility solutions.

DynaRent PowerApps

At DynaRent, we have designed our own-out-of-the-box PowerApps to meet the increasing demand for mobility solutions. Our solutions focus on an array of activities and processes that are part of a rental business’ operations.

These would include aspects like:

  • Work order details
  • Location details
  • Hour registration
  • Material consumption
  • Follow-up
  • Customer sign-off
  • Sign-off email

Having these details on-hand can provide the support that on-site personnel, crane operators, and truck drivers require so that they can focus on their core work and spend minimal time to efficiently update hours, materials or other costs on the go.  As you have the option to limit process deviations, it would ensure that all such variations are restricted and recorded in case any occur. What is more, they can easily access any information they require from the trimmer version of the ERP solution on their mobile device.

Our focused approach at the designing stage of the DynaRent app ensures that usage is simple and that there is very less margin for errors that may occur due to usage on the run. However, any concerns about the wrong entries can be mitigated by the ERP back office as it has the option to fix any mistakes quickly.

Reach out to us at info@highsoftware.com if you have any queries about DynaRent’s PowerApps Solution within Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations application or want a free demo. If you are curious to learn more, click to view our previous PowerApps webinar.

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