Advanced Food Management

For Microsoft Dynamics NAV

To-Increase Advanced Food Management brings greater effectiveness and simplicity to the key functions of pricing management and information lookup.

For many food production and distribution companies, pricing is labor-intensive and complex. Advanced Food Management lets you define and implement the pricing structures and margins that fit your customer segments and profitability goals. Pricing becomes transparent and auditable in a complete pricing history, which helps you set prices and improve business results. When you want to keep employees in purchasing and sales aware of pricing trends and changes as well as market developments, the solution’s contract module makes comprehensive information directly available.

You can also make use of Advanced Food Management to publish pricing updates and order guides to enable customers and distributors to effectively conduct business with your company.

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Advanced Food Management for Microsoft Dynamics NAV


Multi-level pricing

In Advanced Food Management, you can set pricing for customers and for items at certain levels or combinations of levels, also considering customers’ association with marketing campaigns and item ranges.

Flexible pricing management

You can create different pricing types, specify units of measure, implement a variety of pricing methods, determine which costs underlie base prices, define prices to be in effect within date ranges, and use several tools to modify pricing or set formula-based prices for product sets.

Reports and histories

Advanced Food Management includes standard reports so you can publish prices and order guides for your customers and trading partners, and it keeps a full pricing history at hand for your reference.

Contract module

The contract module serves as a comprehensive information resource that helps you track changes in pricing, review how prices are determined, see what margins apply, and it any set contract limits are about to be reached.

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