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Food Quality Control

For Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

To-Increase Food Quality Control helps you perform all quality testing and reporting, and lets you use quality control data to facilitate the best possible decision-making and production planning.

As a cornerstone of your compliance and quality efforts, Food Quality Control provides the transparency to help you direct and manage quality testing and reporting. Food Quality Control offers end-to-end insight into the quality dynamics in your business with complete forward and backward, auditable tracking of lots through your processes.

Across your entire operation and for all products and materials, Food Quality Control for Dynamics Business Central lets you devise tests and design the appropriate response to their outcomes. For example, you can define quarantine procedures to ensure that items are not distributed and materials not used until they have passed your testing. Using Food Quality Control, you can maintain compliance with governmental, industry, and corporate regulations and quality standards for the food industry, incorporate effective quality criteria into business processes, and align them with quality policies. To document adherence to certain quality parameters, you can produce certificates of analysis with the solution.

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Food Quality Control for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central


Scheduling function

A recording capability in Food Quality Control helps you schedule quality control testing and record test results, so you can maintain continuous, verifiable adherence to quality standards.

Lot quality management

With a complete backward and forward audit trail for lots and sub-lots, histories of lots’ quality control results, and a lot specification to define lot-specific raw materials and packaging, Food Quality Control makes your pursuit of quality manageable and transparent.

Lot assessment reporting

You can filter available lots, individually or in combination, according to several criteria, including item number, item category, days to expire, age category, location, and lot specification to see all lots with a certain set of test results.

Certificate of analysis

The solution can automatically generate a certificate of analysis for any lot with all quality test results that you would like to be included.

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