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Food Process Manufacturing

For Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

From product design, to production planning, production recording, costing, and equipment management, to batch manufacturing, To-Increase Food Process Manufacturing provides end-to-end capabilities for the efficient, quality-controlled production of food items.

When you deploy Food Process Manufacturing, you can extend your Dynamics Business Central ERP system with many capabilities—such as nutritional analysis, batch scheduling, the creation of co- and by-products, and forward and backward lot tracing—that are usually not available in standard ERP, which tends to be designed more for discrete manufacturing and assembly. Batch planning in Food Process Manufacturing helps you plan for fewer, more productive runs and lower overhead.

The solution’s intuitive planning tools assist you in creating the best alignment of demand, materials and supplies, and production. By means of visual sequencing, you can set up batches for production on certain equipment, schedule packaging lines, and add other tasks to build a complete, reliable schedule.

Food Process Manufacturing supports your quality goals by enabling you to track lots forward and backward through the production process. Integration with Food Quality Control supports the compliance of your manufacturing with applicable governmental, industry, and corporate standards and regulations.

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Food Process Manufacturing for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central


Recipe management

For your single- and multi-level recipes, you can dynamically size batches that incorporate your preferred units of measure for ingredients, process instructions, and other values. Food Process Manufacturing also helps you manage the production and costing of co-products and by-products from one or multiple inputs.

Quick Planner

Food Process Manufacturing provides a full update regarding the supply and demand for finished goods, so you can create timely production orders to meet demand.

Batch production management

Use the solution to automatically calculate intermediate product demand based on production orders for finished goods, schedule production to meet delivery requirements, visually sequence batches for the best utilization of allocated equipment, and rely on forward and backward traceability to track and control batch quality.

Production recording

In Food Process Manufacturing, you can record and review all or a subset of production data before posting, ensuring that raw materials, packaging, and intermediate inventories will be allocated accurately and in a timely manner, and that properly finished goods become available for production.

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