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Meet the positioning of the product in the customer’s mind

Meet the value that the customers put on your products

Pricing is a critical aspect when it comes to the food industry and has to be done in a way that meets the value that customers put on the product and your profitability goals. You can set the prices for items at certain levels or combinations of levels to meet the positioning of the product in the customer’s mind.

Leverage the contract module in our solution to update the purchase and sales team on the trends in pricing and marketing developments. You can also publish pricing updates and order guides for customers and distributors to deal with your company.

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If we had chosen any other ERP system, we would have needed to build most of the industry-specific functionality that we wanted. But with Microsoft Dynamics AX and To-Increase Food & Beverage together, we gained comprehensive food industry capabilities on a robust ERP platform. We also concluded that this integrated solution would help us realize the process efficiencies that we required to compete more powerfully against cut-price companies with lower quality standards.

― Magnus Hagberg,

Dalsjöfors Kött


Ebook - How to enhance costing and pricing of food items?

Enable operational control and ensure profitability: Accurate costing, designing a food product to satisfy consumer tastes, and ensuring its healthfulness are three critical aspects of taking a new product to market in a profitable manner. Costing, however, remains a constant through the lifecycle of a product. Managing costs tends to be a challenging task when decision-critical information comes from a variety of sources. However, a modern ERP system complemented by business analytics and reporting tools can simplify this task. Read case study to know how.

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Renaldo Torcque

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