19 May 2014

Global Specialty Food Manufacturing Company Reduces Operational Costs



When it became clear that Stonewall Kitchen, the specialty food manufacturing company and distributor of culinary and household items, was about to undergo dramatic growth, the company afforded itself a scalable, powerful technology platform to control and manage the business. Stonewall Kitchen implemented Microsoft Dynamics NAV in integration with To-Increase Food. The integrated ERP system has evolved with the fast-growing food manufacturing company since then, helping Stonewall Kitchen to operate efficiently and profitably while providing outstanding customer service, fulfilling exacting quality standards, and expanding into multiple retail channels.

Stonewall Kitchen chose Microsoft Dynamics NAV in integration with To-Increase Food to provide standardized, food manufacturing processes and capabilities. Collaborating with To-Increase partner and food industry specialist, Columbus Global, the company implemented the integrated ERP system in 1999 and has used it to manage its production processes, financials, sales, and other business activities through the years of growth ever since. The solution presents a unified software environment to technology users and is known to most employees simply as Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Integrated ERP Propels Food Manufacturing Growth

Throughout the lifecycle of the integrated ERP implementation, the Microsoft and To-Increase solution also has scaled to facilitate increased productivity and efficient cross-divisional communication in food manufacturing, enabling Stonewall Kitchen to focus on building its brand value and pursue its growth goals. The solution also provides many efficiencies that help keep the food manufacturing business manageable and economical. Says Information Systems Director Andrea Hall, “For example, instead of having one or two people do invoicing all day long, we automate those processes and run them at night. That enables us to keep staffing levels the same while our business grows, instead of hiring more and more people.”

“Microsoft Dynamics NAV helps us work faster and get more orders out the door. If we didn’t have it, we would never be this big,” says COO Lori King in discussing the integrated ERP system in the food manufacturing operation. “We love Microsoft Dynamics NAV… I wouldn’t want to be in business without it. It has grown with us in just the way we wanted it to.”


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