22 October 2019

Food Manufacturing & Distribution for D365 BC on AppSource



Food manufacturing and distribution business can be complicated where every aspect from sourcing, manufacturing, managing allergens, pricing, quality control, storage, transportation, to distribution is essential. Apart from these aspects, there is also reputation management and the need to meet compliance requirements.

The Business Central team at To-Increase has been working hard for the past six months to transform the on-premises version of our Food solution to an AL-only version available on the Online platform through AppSource. It is now possible to subscribe to one of the solution options we have as per the needs of your business, and within minutes you can be online and working in your own environment in the Microsoft Cloud.

Here are some of the benefits of a solution on the cloud:

  • It can be more cost-effective because you do not have to invest in servers and hardware to run your software
  • You can easily use the solution with configuration instead of coding enabling you to work with your existing IT resources
  • Allows you to leverage mobility and provides easy access at any location you are

Our end-to-end solution includes the Quality Control, Lot enhancement, Allergen Management, the full Manufacturing suite, and Promotions, Rebates, and Commission modules. Our solution can help you in item and recipe management, supply and demand control, warehouse management, and manufacturing control, everything support by the new Modern Client.

If you are seeking a solution or even want to start discussing the solution that can work for you, visit our webpage and look at the options available.

Food Manufacturing Solution Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Food Distribution Solution Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Get the right solution for all your Food Manufacturing and Distribution needs.


Talk to our expert to learn more about our solutions

Martijn Botje,
Martijn Botje,
Release Director Martijn meets with our customers and partners to learn about the changes and challenges they face, help them articulate their ERP strategies and improve processes, and highlight To-Increase solution roadmaps. With a background that includes more than 10 years of assisting companies benefit from ERP, Martijn focuses mostly on our solutions for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. In his industry expertise, food manufacturing, distribution, discrete manufacturing, finance, and waste management figure very prominently. Before he joined our team, Martijn was a business consultant at one of the Netherlands’ leading IT consultancies and a functional ERP manager at an environmental services company.
“For food companies, delivering products of the best possible quality, running the most efficient processes, and ensuring perfect compliance with regulations present new challenges every day. While all these businesses are unique, standardized ERP solutions can help them address their issues and make customers happy. I enjoy the insights and rewards of making technology perform for people and companies.”
Martijn has a bachelor’s degree in accounting and benefit-in-kind finance management from the University of Amsterdam. When he is not working, he enjoys his family, downtime on the Dutch North Sea islands, ten-pin bowling, and reading novels.

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