Martijn Botje

    About Martijn Botje

    Release Director Martijn meets with our customers and partners to learn about the changes and challenges they face, help them articulate their ERP strategies and improve processes, and highlight To-Increase solution roadmaps. With a background that includes more than 10 years of assisting companies benefit from ERP, Martijn focuses mostly on our solutions for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. In his industry expertise, food manufacturing, distribution, discrete manufacturing, finance, and waste management figure very prominently. Before he joined our team, Martijn was a business consultant at one of the Netherlands’ leading IT consultancies and a functional ERP manager at an environmental services company.
    “For food companies, delivering products of the best possible quality, running the most efficient processes, and ensuring perfect compliance with regulations present new challenges every day. While all these businesses are unique, standardized ERP solutions can help them address their issues and make customers happy. I enjoy the insights and rewards of making technology perform for people and companies.”
    Martijn has a bachelor’s degree in accounting and benefit-in-kind finance management from the University of Amsterdam. When he is not working, he enjoys his family, downtime on the Dutch North Sea islands, ten-pin bowling, and reading novels.

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