5 December 2019

6 Benefits of Food Manufacturing & Distribution Solution



If you are in the food industry, you would be familiar with the immense complexity of the operations and constant need to monitor and ensure quality. In today’s world, where everybody with a smartphone shares their story for the whole world to access, your reputation in the food industry can make or break your business.

What is more, the needs of the customers for the food industry are growing, and the customers are clear about their requirements. Therefore the onus to deliver healthy, nutritious, quality, tasty, and rightly priced food is on the food manufacturing and distribution companies.

Keeping the ever-expanding demands placed on the food manufacturers, we give you some of the ways having an optimum food manufacturing, and distribution solution can help:

  1. A centralized approach: While the food industry has many aspects during the process, it is crucial for them to have a unified approach that offers them an overview centrally. This will enable factors like recipe management, quality control, pricing, sourcing, labeling (with allergens listed out), and other activities.
  2. Helps production quality control: In the food industry, quality is sacred, and your food solution can help you in this aspect by establishing a schedule that needs to be followed along with the protocols to ensure quality and cleanliness at every stage. This includes warehousing and storage as well, which is part of both food manufacturing and distribution.
  3. Monitor and control: When it comes to food it is not only about getting the right ingredients, the exact recipe, and following the production process but it is also about control at every level. Only when you can monitor and control every step in the process can you be sure of quality.
  4. Manage your supply chain: In the food industry, your product is as good as the quality of the ingredients. Your suppliers have a significant role to play in this. Your food solution can help you manage the quality, quantities, price negotiations, timely payments, and more with your suppliers.
  5. Research and product development: In the food industry, the demand is to not only keep up with customer demands but to anticipate them. This way, you can stay ahead of the competition, supply at attractive prices, and with the required standards. What is more, research and development aspect is also necessary for you to meet compliance requirements. Your food solution can help in this aspect as well with proper records, testing, and paper trails.
  6. Manage your pricing: Your business can make a profit only if you are careful about pricing and costing. When it comes to your suppliers, you need to be able to get the best possible rates, and for your sellers, you need to come up with rebates, discounts, and commissions depending on various factors. Your food manufacturing and distribution solution can help you with all these aspects.

If you are seeking a solution or even want to start discussing the solution that can work for you, visit our webpage and look at the options available.

Food Manufacturing Solution Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Food Distribution Solution Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

The right food and manufacturing solution can help you with every aspect of the business, starting from pre-production to distribution and selling.


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How to enhance costing and pricing of food items?

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How to enhance costing and pricing of food items?

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