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To-Increase Food Manufacturing

for Microsoft Dynamics Business Central


Companies who are into food manufacturing, face risks  due to lack of visibility into the data across various functions. This results in lack of communication across teams leading to an adverse effect not only on operations but also productivity, profitability, and brand value.

Read this free factsheet to learn how our Food Manufacturing Solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central offers food manufacturers the means to gain control on every aspect of their business, improve operational efficiency, and maximize profitability.

  • Improve the quality of food ingredients, sourcing, and lot management
  • Price your products based on consumer perception and market positioning to improve profitability
  • Schedule food production based on the availability of raw materials and machinery, to lower downtime
  • Manage inventory scientifically keeping in mind the expiry, shelf life, and first-in-first-out factors

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Trusted by 2,200+ Industry Leaders

“With Food Manufacturing and Distribution, we are much more responsive to customers and we’re able to get them through the buying process much quicker. Furthermore, we’re not running into the issues of underselling or overselling produce. If we tell a customer we have the product they want in the quantity they want, it’s because we do. Overall, we have improved our relationships with customers tremendously.”

Peter D’Arrigo, President, D’Arrigo Brothers Company of Massachusetts