Mitigate the risk of allergens in food production and distribution

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Comprehensive allergen management

For companies that manufacture and distribute food products, the presence of allergens in raw materials, ingredients, recipes, and finished goods is a significant risk. Consumers unknowingly exposed to allergens can become very ill or lose their lives. Regulation and business ethics compel food companies to track and control the allergens throughout their production and supply chain. In To-Increase Food Manufacturing and Distribution for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, we offer a solution that includes a strong set of features to make end-to-end allergen management reliable and less onerous.

The urgency of effective allergen management

When it comes to allergen management, food companies are accountable to four sets of stakeholders with shared interests.

A solution that enables comprehensive allergen management

The food industry team at To-Increase has the expertise to help you comply with allergen-related regulations in different countries.

Next steps

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Download the free whitepaper