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Security and compliance

Ensure compliance and enhance customer satisfaction

Improve security and reduce costs

Security and compliance functions in the digital transformation era are of paramount importance. Internal data theft and the malicious use of data from ERP systems is an increasing problem that can lead to a deterioration of customer and vendor relationships, as well as financial loss. Often there is a lack of security management skills in house or the ERP system was not configured to the right level of security during implementation which leaves your data at risk. Other key challenges include ongoing changes to regulatory requirements (GDPR), increased regulatory inquiries, and a rapidly evolving business technology landscape.

Once you deploy and run an advanced ERP system like Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, you want to make sure you use it as effectively, securely, and economically as can be done. To-Increase data security management software helps you accomplish this. By using our data security software, you can implement a proper segregation of duties, giving employees access to the functionality they need, and avoid risky over-provisioning.

To-Increase security management also gives you a way to sync the security roles in your ERP system with the business roles in your business process optimization efforts. At the same time, you can minimize licensing costs by using your current licenses in optimal alignment with role requirements and by modeling the financial impact of licensing changes before you put them into practice.


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