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Invoice Workflow

Automated invoice workflows to ensure timely invoice approval

Run your public-sector and commercial business in one centralized software environment

Inefficiencies, inaccuracies, and delays in invoice approvals and processing are concerns for many companies’ finance managers. To-Increase Invoice Workflow automates and simplifies the approval and management of invoices in deep integration with the ERP system. Many companies run disparate procurement and accounts payable processes, an expensive source of inefficiencies and errors that occur when it is not easy to connect purchase orders and vendor invoices.

The invoice management and processing in many organizations is burdened with productivity hurdles, especially when they receive some of their invoices on paper instead of electronically. To simplify their operations, some companies introduce greater centralization of accounts payable and invoice management, hoping for greater efficiency through scale. To-Increase Invoice Workflow offers an easily configured solution for managing invoice approvals and processing from right within the ERP system. Users gain a single tool to manage invoice approvals and processing. 

Automated approval routings, reminders, and a web client in Invoice Workflow ensure timely invoice approval. Businesses that maintain multiple companies or other legal entities under a single corporate umbrella can benefit greatly from our software solutions. Accounts payable managers can easily split invoice lines among departments or legal entities, so they can get posted in different ledgers with distinct sets of dimensions, and each of them can be approved by the right person.