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To-Increase is a global, leading developer of software solutions and apps that extend the power and reach of Microsoft Dynamics AX and NAV, the widely adopted ERP systems. Our solutions empower you to chart your own course to achieving more, removing obstacles, and pursuing your most ambitious goals at the right pace.

Microsoft Dynamics AX and NAV provide a wide range of standard, robust, and essential functionality that businesses require. The two ERP systems are extremely versatile in meeting the changing, complex needs of enterprises and midsize companies in many industries. They are well known and highly regarded for their usability, manageability, and scalability. What’s more, they incorporate extensive, contemporary research into the roles, tasks, and processes at work in organizations.

We build solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics AX and NAV because we are certain that doing so is the best way to help businesses achieve results. To the great work done by Microsoft Dynamics, we add our insight and expertise in industries and business models, efficient and rapid solution development, the cloud, modern mobility, social channels, big data, and the internet of things. Our industry solutions for discrete manufacturers, AEC companies, and the makers and distributors of food products integrate deeply with the Microsoft ERP systems to deliver the industry-specific capabilities that a standard ERP system cannot provide without losing some of its flexibility. Our mobile, eCommerce, government contracting, and business integration solutions run wholly embedded within Dynamics AX and NAV, enabling users and administrators to work within a unified, streamlined ERP environment. RapidValue, our business process management solution, is the only BPM product built on and designed to run within Microsoft Dynamics AX.

For the many customers that implement Microsoft Dynamics AX or NAV with To-Increase solutions, their goals and ambitions set the horizon for what the technologies help them accomplish. Some companies generate remarkable results in terms of increased productivity and efficiency. Others accelerate their organizational momentum to outpace the competition, create systems of engagement, and provide the best possible customer experience. Some companies use their ERP infrastructure to power business transformation initiatives and pursue their mission of becoming nimble, customer-centric, fully connected, digital enterprises. With Microsoft Dynamics ERP and To-Increase, all this becomes possible and practical.

Many To-Increase solutions are Certified for Microsoft Dynamics after having undergone rigorous testing. We maintain close relationships with Microsoft leadership and Dynamics developers to sync our approach and align our solution updates with AX and NAV enhancements and new versions coming from Microsoft. Our many awards, including the fact that To-Increase currently is the only three-time Microsoft Dynamics Global Outstanding ISV of the Year, along with the remarkable success stories and testimonies of many customers, validate our efforts.

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