Data Migration Risk Assessment

Are you worried there is too much risk in your data migration project while moving to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain Management? Understand the risks involved by taking our 5-minute data migration risk assessment. You can then identify and focus on an action plan for areas that are high-risk, medium-risk, or low-risk.
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Question 1
1. Where is your team in evaluating the scope and goals of the project?
Question 2
2. What is the level of urgency and importance assigned to the project?
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Question 3
3. Have the goals been translated into long-term benefits for the company?
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Question 4
4. Has the budget for the data migration project been assigned?
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Question 5
5. What kind of IT support do you have for the data migration project?
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Question 6
6. What kind of experience does the IT team have with migrating data?
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Question 7
7. What is the level of data governance in your organization?
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Question 8
8. What is your level of confidence about the data quality after evaluating the source data?
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Question 9
9. Does your organization have a master data management strategy for ownership?
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Question 10
10. What are your criteria for the project team?
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Question 11
11. What are your timelines for the data migration project?
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Question 12
12. How ambitious are your budget and timelines for the data migration?
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Question 13
13. Where is the location of your data?
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Question 14
14. How much data are you moving?
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Question 15
15. How easy is it to extract data from the legacy systems? And does the team assigned for the data migration have past experience to take up the project?
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Question 16
16. Do you have a distributed source environment?
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Question 17
17. Is there a quantitative goal defined for the data migration’s success?
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Question 18
18. How many sources and number of systems are you moving data from?
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