Fruit products manufacturer and distributor deploys industry-optimized ERP solution to run productive operations, meet exacting quality standards, and compete for customers

Integrated food industry ERP helps Jasper Wyman move its business forward and exceed customer expectations

Following an implementation of Jasper Wyman for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Jasper Wyman gained the ability to manage its complex, growing business efficiently in an end-to-end business infrastructure that supports the entire operation.

Key benefits

  • Integrated, feature-rich solution that facilitates all key business processes
  • Greater process efficiencies in finance, logistics, and production
  • Enhanced control over quality performance and more effective compliance with quality standards
  • Powerful foundation for growth and pursuing the company’s strategic direction
Jasper Wyman and Son
  • Website:
  • Country or region: Canada, United States
  • Industry: Production and distribution – Produce
Software and Services
  • To-Increase Food Manufacturing and Distribution
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV
Customer Profile
Jasper Wyman and Son produces and distributes fruit and fruit products to resellers and food processors in Canada and the U.S.
Business Situation
The company’s business software tools did not effectively support its growth and did not support changing, contemporary business conditions.
Jasper Wyman acquired To-Increase Food Manufacturing and Distribution and implemented it in integration with Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

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The To-Increase solutions helps Jasper Wyman resolve issues and reach their goals

Jasper Wyman gained the ability to manage its complex, growing business efficiently in an end-to-end business infrastructure that supports the entire operation.

Jasper Wyman and Son is probably most well-known to consumers as a provider of fresh-frozen blueberries under the Wyman’s of Maine brand. The company also produces and distributes other frozen-fruit products, such as a variety of berries, berry mixes, and mango. Jasper Wyman was founded in 1874 in Milbridge, Maine, where it is still based. The company grows blueberries on more than 10,000 acres of its own land in the eastern U.S. and eastern Canada, and imports large quantities of fruit from South America. Jasper Wyman’s customers include grocery retailers, food manufacturers, and food service providers in Canada and the U.S.

Moving into the digital enterprise era with modern ERP

It was time to open a new chapter in Jasper Wyman’s evolution and give the organization a stronger foundation to grow its business and compete. That meant replacing outdated software with limited capabilities with more powerful, modern technology that could play a more strategic role.

Jasper Wyman leadership decided on To-Increase Food Manufacturing and Distribution, which integrates closely with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The solution delivered the powerful food industry capabilities the company needed and facilitates all core business activities, such as manufacturing, distribution, and finance management.

Boosting productivity companywide

While Jasper Wyman broadly uses all the functional areas of Food Manufacturing and Distribution, there are certain processes and tasks where the solution is particularly effective in supporting the company’s operations and objectives:

For the finance team, the functionalities for handling rebates and deductions are crucial.

In the company’s warehouses and distribution processes, Food Manufacturing and Distribution contributes important mobile picking and labeling capabilities as well as a set of highly usable tools to help workers take care of pallet tracking, repacking, label management and printing, and catch weight management.

On the production lines, the software modules that help Jasper Wyman make the products and co-products customers need, from the most high-quality produce the company can grow or source, play a key enabling role.

Production managers also work within Food Manufacturing and Distribution to assess and record the performance of its suppliers and production when it comes to the company’s stringent quality standards. That helps both to keep customers loyal and eases compliance with the food industry’s demanding regulations.

Facilities managers rely on the solution’s maintenance management capabilities to keep facilities and equipment in optimal working conditions and avoid unplanned downtimes.

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