Haarslev Industries, a leader in the rendering industry, grew largely by acquisition. Today, the Denmarkbased enterprise maintains 25 offices in 14 countries, and is still growing. In the years of rapid growth, Haarslev managers had no time to spare to consolidate the company’s systems and bring consistency to its processes. However, at a critical point it was no longer helpful for the business to operate on multiple ERP systems and follow different business processes. Haarslev chose Microsoft Dynamics AX as its new ERP system for the global operation, replacing multiple legacy and custom solutions.

Key benefits

  • Enables design and implementation of a global process model
  • Saves time and effort with best practice-based, standardized processes
  • Maintains the reference model for the ERP solution
  • Improves the control and transparance of change management

Haarslev Industries

  • Number of employees: 1400
  • Website: www.haarslev.com
  • Country or region: Denmark, active globally
  • Industry: Manufacturing – equipment and machinery

Software and Services

  • To-Increase RapidValue
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

Customer Profile

Haarslev designs and manufactures innovative equipment and solutions for companies in the food processing and rendering industry around the globe. In addition to serving clients engaged in meat and poultry rendering, fish processing, and food and feed processing, Haarslev also creates and produces specialty equipment for processing biofuel, biomass, and sludge.

Business Situation

When Haarslev replaced multiple ERP and business systems with a single ERP solution for its worldwide operation, it also needed to find a way to model and implement globally consistent processes.


The company decided to use To-Increase RapidValue as its business process management and optimization tool in integration with Microsoft Dynamics AX.

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downloads_list_iconThe To-Increase solutions helps Haarslev resolve issues and reach their goals

“It was a great help that we did not have to create critical processes from sratch. Having these predefined processes in RapidValue saved us quite a bit of time in getting the value chain created.”

Preben Nielsen, ERP Project Manager, Haarslev

Haarslev considers business processes as a critical, strategic asset in running a global company. Preben Nielsen, ERP Project Manager at Haarslev Industries, says, “If you don’t have a process approach, you won’t be able to evolve.”

Consolidating on a single ERP system worldwide required Haarslev to implement master data management and standardize its processes. The company chose To-Increase RapidValue to manage the business process management (BPM) aspect of its ERP implementation.

Haarslev took full advantage of the standardized, best practice-based processes included in RapidValue. Says Nielsen, “It was a great help that we did not have to create critical processes from scratch. Having these predefined processes in RapidValue saved us quite a bit of time in getting the value chain created.”

Currently, Haarslev is going through the analysis and design stages of its global ERP rollout. A core solution and template in RapidValue set the standard for the project. Any process changes will be documented in RapidValue, where it’s easy to model their impact on other processes and the roles performing them. “We are using RapidValue to define our requirements and customizations,” says Nielsen. “It is a common tool that documents how we work, and that we can also share with our partners.”

In RapidValue, Haarslev defines and standardizes business roles as well as processes. The company will also rely on RapidValue to ensure that employees receive all the training they need. Nielsen explains, “Everything related to roles, positions, and jobs will be embedded in RapidValue. We will have a solution documented by role and by system. If we get a new employee, we know what kind of training and user rights the individual is going to need.”

See what Haarslev says about its use of RapidValue
Preben Nielsen discusses Haarslev Industries’ process-driven mind set and work with RapidValue in two short videos: