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CP ApS implemented DynaRent to automate rental processes and reduce manual errors, which helped them deliver quality products and services to their clients on time.

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CP ApS leverages DynaRent to Streamline and Align Operations to Reduce Manual Errors and Improve Productivity

CP ApS is among the market leaders in the construction site design and rental sector. Based in Denmark, they specialize in renting office and crew modules, containers, and construction equipment to clients in the public and private sectors. Aiming to offer the best products and services to its customers, reduce manual processes, and simplify its overall operations, CP ApS realized that they needed to make changes to their existing ERP system. They were seeking a solution that would allow them to align and automate rental processes, ease business expansion, and efficiently coordinate different departments.

Software and Service

DynaRent Solution Suite
Microsoft Dynamics AX

Country or Region

Headquartered in Denmark


Equipment Rental, Logistics, Transport

Company size

100+ employees

Business Situation

Why CP ApS needed a rental solution

With the rental market undergoing significant changes, the company’s operations were affected. They realized the need to make changes in their ERP system to meet customer needs efficiently, deliver quality rental products, offer flexible options and mobile service. After assessing multiple solutions over 18 months, they selected DynaRent.

The key pain areas that CP was trying to address:

  • Standardize and streamline processes: CP ApS needed the right solution to align different processes and ensure that each of the steps in their processes automatically follows a given path.
  • Quick Upscale: Expanding business required a lot of effort, with additional time and resources wasted to realign their systems each time there was a change in their vision.
  • Process automation and documentation: The team would manually check each schedule when picking out the equipment. In some instances, they relied on the team's memory to get their deliverables right, often resulting in the transportation department mixing up deliveries.
  • Seamless coordination: Interaction and coordination between different departments were not smooth due to gaps in the system.

Why CP ApS chose To-Increase’s DynaRent Solution Suite

The To-Increase team carried out a pilot project for CP upon which the team at CP discovered that the DynaRent solution efficiently addresses their business requirements. The constant support provided by the To-Increase team made deployment and testing easy. The mobile aspect of DynaRent is another value-added feature that is of great help to the way CP functions.

We wanted to future-proof our business, reduce manual work and processes, and free up our teams to focus on important business matters for future development. We were looking for a trusted ERP solution that would help propel our business growth, and DynaRent fit our requirements perfectly
― Michael Bruun, Purchaser Material, CP ApS

Why DynaRent was the right solution for CP ApS

DynaRent enabled CP ApS to offer the best array of products and services to their customers and empowered them to focus on the quality of service. DynaRent’s automated processes ensure that overall operations are simple and manual processes are reduced, thereby helping CP ApS manage projects and rental deals with ease. The solution also allows CP ApS to optimize many processes, such as rental, internal invoicing, and returns.

DynaRent offers mobility solutions, the wherewithal to operate the business on the cloud, and ensure that service and maintenance are undertaken with minimum effort. With DynaRent, CP ApS could streamline their rental processes, including operations, logistics, transport, service, and maintenance, reinforcing their mission of providing industry-leading services to their customers.

How DynaRent benefits CP ApS to stay ahead

  • End-to-end process automation, eliminating cumbersome processes
  • Automatic alignment of different rental processes and steps
  • Reduction of human errors in manual processes due to automation
  • Significant reduction in administrative burden with a unified platform to document processes across departments
  • Ease in management of rental projects with optimized rental operations
  • Extensive support and testing by the To-Increase team ensuring real-time synchronization with finance
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“DynaRent has empowered us to focus even more on the quality of service we provide to our customers. Aspects like operations, transportation, service, and maintenance have been streamlined completely.”
Michael Bruun
Purchaser Material, CP ApS

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Explore how our DynaRent solution helps CP ApS move from manual processes to streamlined and automated rental operations and achieve their goals.

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