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Confed improves inspection quality and extends customer satisfaction with the help of Quality Management solution from To-Increase.

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Need of the hour ― A quality management system to build customer trust

Confed, a complete service provider of electronics, cable trays, and electronic products, supports customers with design, production, and aftersales process across a broad range of industries, including energy, transport, infrastructure, and dairy.

For Confed, quality is of utmost importance as they continue their drive to provide superior products to customers. They regularly inspect incoming goods from external suppliers to match their specifications. However, managing two separate systems to inspect incoming goods ― one for testing and sampling and the other for recording ― was their main challenge. Besides, the inspection process involved a lot of manual work, and searching for information was difficult.

Confed required a robust quality management system to prevent the risk of faulty inputs going unspotted, causing delays in production and affecting the quality of finished products, which could impact customer trust.

Software and Service

To-Increase Quality Management
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Country or Region

The Netherlands, Slovakia


Electronics Manufacturing

Company size

450 employees

The solution ― Quality Management on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Confed was considering both a stand-alone solution and customization in Business Central when their Microsoft Partner ― Add-IT Software Solutions ― directed them to the Quality Management (QM) on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central from To-Increase.

Our To-Increase team got together with the Quality teams at Confed to understand requirements as the first step. Next, we created checklists to inspect products and suppliers against pre-determined specifications. Then finally, with help from the implementation partner, To-Increase embedded QM in Confed’s inspection process.

We needed a solution for inspecting incoming goods in compliance with MIL-105D/E and ISO standards. We were also looking to register and document intermediate (sample) inspections to link the information to logistics and make tracking and tracing simple and reliable. From a risk management perspective, implementing suitable checks at the right time was becoming increasingly crucial to keep up the quality of products.
― Errie Hazeleger, CIO of Confed

A structured inspection process integrated into one central ERP

With QM in place, the person receiving incoming goods gets a notification request to run an inspection. The receiver then adds particulars of the goods in the system. Once entered into the system, the Quality Team can procure details of goods, suppliers, dates, and inspection results. The most significant benefit of QM is that now all inspection processes are integrated into Confed’s central ERP as a regular quality inspection process.

To-Increase’s QM Provides Foolproof Quality Control at Reduced Cost and Time

QM has strengthened Confed’s base of Quality Assurance. It has helped them boost customers' confidence in the quality of products supplied and improved customer satisfaction. It has also provided a better-quality framework, ensuring compliance with standard regulations.

Confed can now keep a record of the products and batches to meet the demands of the customers who ask for traceability. The ability to generate real-time information related to the product has enabled Confed to improve customer service and build customer trust.

With a solid foundation in quality assurance, robust sampling methods, and process blocking, QM enables Confed to conduct a foolproof quality control inspection on purchased products efficiently and at reduced cost and time.

Happy with the results, Confed is exploring other possibilities with QM.

We are presently using QM to inspect incoming goods. However, in the future, we want to embed Quality Management in our production processes as well,” says Errie.


“To-Increase's QM is widely applicable and well thought out. It’s a highly flexible solution that allows you to create a list of questions and maintain test results based on sample size and method. It is also good to have support from a consultant with strong expertise in both quality management and application development.”

Errie Hazeleger
CIO, Confed

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To-Increase’s Quality Management on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central helps Confed improve management of incoming inspection of products and enhance the quality of products.

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