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What is your current situation?

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What is your current situation?
1) How many vendor invoices do you receive per year?Invoices / Year
2) How many FTE's do you have in your Accounts Payable (AP) department?FTEs
3) What is the average labor overhead per FTE in your AP department?
The above means that:
The total labor cost for AP is:0.00EUR
The number of invoices processed per FTE per year is:0.00Invoices / FTE / Year
The number of invoices processed per FTE per month is:0.00Invoices / FTE / Month
The cost per invoice (in the AP department only) is:0.00EUR
Estimated total cost per invoice:0.00EUR

What is the target situation?

What is the target situation?
Keep in mind that with the help of automation, many invoices should be processed automatically (when they can be automatically matched with PO's for example), approvers get invoices digitally and have insight in all information to approve/reject fast and easy) With the help of automation and streamlining the process, many organizations can process between 2500 and 3500 invoices per FTE per Month. The top 25% are able to process 5.000 invoices per FTE per Month.
4) Target number of invoices processed per FTE per monthInvoices / FTE / Month
This means the number of FTEs required to process vendor invoices is:0.0
5) Estimate how many extra FTEs you need (if any) for other activities in APFTEs

Some other potential savings

Some other potential savings:
6) Total annual spend EUR
7) How much is available for early payment discount (%)?
8) Average Early Payment Discount negotiated (%)
9) Percentage of invalid / duplicated invoices
Your potential SAVINGS:
By reducing headcount0.00EUR
From early payment discounts0.00EUR
By eliminating payment of invalid/duplicate invoices0.00EUR

Total calculated savings per year

Total calculated savings per year:0.00EUR
Besides the calculated savings, you can also achieve other savings through:
* Avoiding late payment penalties   * Reduce paper cost  * Reduce paper storage cost   * Enhance Supplier Relationships  * Speed up audits  * Etc.
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