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To-Increase RapidValue BPM Suite

for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations


Business process management (BPM) connects business strategy, the people executing it, and the business intelligence measuring the progress. It makes it possible for people to see how technology can empower them. That empowerment, in turn, can result in better business practices and a better customer experience!


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Trusted by 2,200+ Industry Leaders

“We invested the effort and time to build a standardized solution for all operations. We are convinced that our use of RapidValue will pay off and know this is a journey worth taking. For any company engaging in an ERP project of comparable scale, it is essential to have a tool like RapidValue that enables them to design and improve their processes, create a standard process model, and document it in an easily accessible manner.”

Ann Loftorp, Senior Project Manager, Alfa Laval