NASTA uses To-Increase RapidValue to familiarize employees with both the tasks required in their roles and the ERP system itself after relying on the solution to structure, test, and validate its business processes.

After using To-Increase RapidValue to model and test business processes in its new ERP system, Microsoft Dynamics AX, NASTA continues to use the solution to train employees, ensure process consistency, and find ways to serve customers better.

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“RapidValue is where they go to learn about Microsoft Dynamics AX and the processes that take place in our organization. Because detailed processes and extensive team expertise are captured in the solution, it is also less of a concern if a person is ill, takes time off, or leaves the company. Other team members can more easily step into a position and learn in RapidValue what it requires from them.”

Henrik Anholt, Organizational Development Manager, NASTA