AX Anywhere – Mobility Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

AX Anywhere enhances critical business processes out-of-the-box with enterprise-level mobility that frees employees to do their best work. The solutions within the AX Anywhere portfolio can flexibly adapt to your specific business requirements.

With powerful, rich functionality together with extensive flexibility, mobility enabled by AX Anywhere offers the scalability and robustness to support the workloads of your growing digital business. The AX Anywhere Mobility App Studio at the core of the technology helps you design mobility that completely fits the way your company works. Several distinctions make To-Increase AX Anywhere mobility solutions unique:

  • Fully integrated with Dynamics AX 2012
    AX Anywhere solutions work perfectly within your existing Microsoft Dynamics environment. Your current ERP partner can perform the implementation and provide support.
  • Completely based on Microsoft technology
    Our mobile solutions are based on familiar Microsoft products such as Windows Server and IIS, and do not require any third-party middleware. This makes implementation and support easy.
  • Extremely flexible
    Each solution can be tailored to your specific needs with a range of available settings in Dynamics. And if necessary, it is also possible to enhance or modify our solutions in the same way as you can modify your ERP processes: simply by adding or changing the business logic of Dynamics itself.
  • Device-independent
    The AX Anywhere solutions run on virtually any device with a browser, including tablets, rugged mobile terminals, and smartphones. You can enjoy freedom of choice and cost savings in supporting a mobile infrastructure remotely.

All AX Anywhere solutions are CfMD Certified for Microsoft Dynamics. This achievement demonstrates that our mobility solutions meet Microsoft’s requirements for quality, interoperability, and exchangeability.

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AX Anywhere for Microsoft Dynamics AX



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