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Boost Your Warehouse Efficiency with the Power of Mobility

Anywhere Logistics Mobility Flow

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for finance and operations

How Anywhere Logistics Mobility Flow Helps


Increase Warehouse Efficiency up to 60%

By replacing less efficient processes with real-time updates leveraging enhanced mobile capabilities


Ensure uncompromising accuracy up to 99%

By letting workers scan and check items at the time of a transaction to pick and move the right goods

reducing cost

Reduce Picking Costs up to 20%

By efficiently processing transactions as they happen enabling workers to enter data directly on mobile devices


Improve records and data insights by 85%

By improving the report generation process and providing accurate data that enables management to draw insights

Ready to harness the power of mobility to improve warehouse efficiency?

The Anywhere Logistics Mobility Flow Advantage

Get a peek at the ease that Anywhere Logistics Mobility Flow can bring to your overall warehouse operations. It can optimize the process, reduce costs, and help cut down efforts.

What Anywhere Logistics Mobility Flow Offers

Item Information

Easily retrieve information about an item like images, prices, stock levels, and batch or serial information.

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Purchase Receipt

Receive purchase orders quickly and in a logical easy-to-manage flow that will also update D365 in real-time.


Process picklists in a controlled workflow, considering priorities of picklists and optimized picking routes in your warehouse.

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Discover how our solution works—free for 30 days!

Discover how our solution works—free for 30 days!

Spend 30 minutes to deploy the solution and try it free for the next 30 days.

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€39 (user/month)

  • Best Practice Purchase and Sales order processes
  • Installation, deployment, testing and usage-training
  • Essential Plan Care
  • --
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€59 (user/month)

  • Best Practice Purchase- and Sales order processes
  • Access to mobility studio to design new processes
  • Installation, deployment, testing, and design-training
  • Essential Plan Care
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Mimaki deployed To-Increase AX Anywhere in integration with its ERP system, Microsoft Dynamics AX.
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