Learn all about value-driven BPM in webcast from To-Increase experts

Oct 2, 2014 6:00:00 AM

 Learn all about value-driven BPM in free webcast master class from To-Increase experts

A recent webinar, now posted on MSDynamicsWorld, gives you a great introduction to the ideas and practice of value-driven BPM to support Microsoft Dynamics AX implementations as well as other technology projects and process optimization. It’s a free master class in all things to do with business process management.

Luciano Cunha, our CEO, and Petur Snaeland, Chief Architect, discuss what value-driven BPM is and what it means to you and your customers. In a little over an hour, you journey from the concepts behind value-driven BPM to practical considerations on how to take advantage of it in AX deployments and upgrades.

Traditional ERP projects are often technology-focused and painfully remote from business goals, whereas value-driven BPM emphasizes people, processes, and strategic alignment with company objectives. The To-Increase value-driven BPM tool is RapidValue, built for Microsoft Dynamics AX, but, as a discipline, value-driven BPM can extend to many other enterprise applications and process optimization initiatives.

Several customer stories illustrate how companies have adopted value-driven BPM to become more agile, efficient organizations that deliver a better bottom line. Q&A with audience members focuses on the hands-on aspects of bringing value-driven BPM into organizations.

Watch the webinar at http://msdynamicsworld.com/webcast/how-value-driven-bpm-has-redefined-dynamics-ax-implementation-best-practices-recorded-webcas.

Enjoy! With any feedback or questions, please send me a note at here.

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Martien van Dam

Martien van Dam

Having started his career with To-Increase, Martien has honed and contributed his expertise across multiple roles and domains for 15 years now. Besides Microsoft, he’s also worked closely with all kinds of stakeholders in the ecosystem—including software vendors, CFOs, Accounts Payable (AP) clerks/managers, logistics managers—and is cognizant of their challenges and needs. Therefore, as a Sales Specialist for our Business Productivity and Accounts Payable domains, Martien brings a balanced mix of different market perspectives from various global associates to the table. On the personal front, Martien enjoys meeting people and experiencing cultures, and has visited around 75 countries. He's passionately involved in voluntary work and loves spending time with his three kids in the great outdoors. Martien holds a Bachelor of Commerce in International Marketing Management and Business Process and Project Management.

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