2 October 2014

Learn all about value-driven BPM in webcast from To-Increase experts

Learn all about value-driven BPM in free webcast master class from To-Increase experts

A recent webinar, now posted on MSDynamicsWorld, gives you a great introduction to the ideas and practice of value-driven BPM to support Microsoft Dynamics AX implementations as well as other technology projects and process optimization. It’s a free master class in all things to do with business process management.

Luciano Cunha, our CEO, and Petur Snaeland, Chief Architect, discuss what value-driven BPM is and what it means to you and your customers. In a little over an hour, you journey from the concepts behind value-driven BPM to practical considerations on how to take advantage of it in AX deployments and upgrades.

Traditional ERP projects are often technology-focused and painfully remote from business goals, whereas value-driven BPM emphasizes people, processes, and strategic alignment with company objectives. The To-Increase value-driven BPM tool is RapidValue, built for Microsoft Dynamics AX, but, as a discipline, value-driven BPM can extend to many other enterprise applications and process optimization initiatives.

Several customer stories illustrate how companies have adopted value-driven BPM to become more agile, efficient organizations that deliver a better bottom line. Q&A with audience members focuses on the hands-on aspects of bringing value-driven BPM into organizations.

Watch the webinar at http://msdynamicsworld.com/webcast/how-value-driven-bpm-has-redefined-dynamics-ax-implementation-best-practices-recorded-webcas.

Enjoy! With any feedback or questions, please send me a note at here.

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