13 August 2014

Uniform item and document lifecycle control in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Easy and consistent item and document lifecycle management with two new To-Increase applications for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Your admin workers using Microsoft Dynamics NAV have to make the right decisions many times every day and always ensure the completeness of information. To help them manage the lifecycle of items and documents in Dynamics NAV more simply and consistently, we have created two applications that function through additional state settings. Document Lifecycle helps you with the lifecycle of sales, purchase, service, and warehouse documents. Item Lifecycle supports the lifecycle of items. If you already use a To-Increase solution in a Dynamics NAV environment, you can simply implement either add-in to make your employees’ lives easier.

When employees use the Document Lifecycle and Item Lifecycle applications, they remain in control to drive the workflows forward, but also benefit from an automated, structured process that handles the more mechanical aspects of their tasks. Intelligent functions check conditions and authorizations, and trigger routine actions such as printing and posting. You can automate lengthy tasks to run in the background without impacting system performance.

The Document Lifecycle and Item Lifecycle applications are based on the To-Increase workflow framework, a component of the Solution Center in each of our solutions for Microsoft Dynamics NAV. By guiding users through activities, the workflow framework shortens employees’ learning curve and gives them certainty in their tasks. At the same time, it maintains consistent processes with accurate and complete information. The workflows and action handlers in the lifecycle applications also help you avoid making needless customizations.

We also brought some BI to document and item lifecycle management in Dynamics NAV. An intuitive visual display of the lifecycle states, warnings, and errors in the Document Lifecycle and Item Lifecycle applications enables users to review the number of records per state and makes them aware of warnings and errors outside of non-urgent item states.

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If you are interested in trying out the Item Lifecycle or Document Lifecycle applications, or know you want them in your Dynamics NAV environment, please contact marketing@to-increase.com.

With any feedback and questions, get in touch by contacting To-Increase.

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