11 December 2014

Enabling almost any conceivable usage scenario for mobility

Enabling almost any conceivable usage scenario for mobility: Understanding the power of the Dynamics Anywhere Framework

The To-Increase Mobile Solutions in the AX Anywhere and NAV Anywhere portfolios are designed to keep user productivity high and the cost of technology ownership low. The most important architectural element in these solutions is the Dynamics Anywhere Framework, which is completely embedded within Microsoft Dynamics AX and Dynamics NAV. For our customers, the To-Increase partners implementing the solutions can very easily adjust and enhance them for specific business requirements, working in a familiar programming environment that imposes no artificial, needless restrictions on mobility.

When we developed the Dynamics Anywhere solutions, we aimed to make mobility effective with the most reliable, uncomplicated technology possible. At the core of the AX Anywhere and NAV Anywhere Mobile Solutions is the Dynamics Anywhere Framework, a simple, integrated tool that works from within Microsoft Dynamics AX and NAV. For creating any additional features or customizing a mobile solution, you can remain within the familiar AX or NAV programming environments, using the same database and skills. You don’t need to acquire middleware, or any other tools or expertise. No business logic will ever be duplicated or exposed to external processes or applications, which minimizes potential security risks. Developers familiar with Dynamics AX or NAV can easily support and enhance the AX Anywhere and NAV Anywhere solutions to give technology users exactly the kind of mobile experience they require in their jobs.

The out-of-the-box solutions with their workflows reside within the Dynamics AX or NAV server that in turn is connected to a Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) server. The IIS server translates received XLM data into HTML mobile screens for a wide variety of devices. The diagram below gives you an architectural overview of the Dynamics Anywhere solutions.

Dynamics Anywhere Framework


The Dynamics Anywhere Framework supports just about any device with a browser, and ensures an excellent on-screen presentation of solution interfaces when multiple types of devices are in use at the same time. The solutions automatically resize and reconfigure screens and capabilities to fit whichever device a user holds, even when there is only a limited browser installation. That means employees can use their preferred devices in companies that follow the popular bring-your-own-device (BYOD) practice. The solutions run equally well on devices with the Windows Mobile, Windows CE, Android, or iOS operating systems, as well as on Windows phones. Users take them into any conceivable environment, from field sales and services, to factory production, to logistics management, to challenging settings that require rugged devices. The web based user experience of the mobile solutions is fast, attractive, and consistent. Because the solutions connect directly to Dynamics AX or NAV, mobile users have direct access to current, accurate business information.

In addition, the mobile solutions support devices’ on-screen keyboards and function keys, enabling users to work as they prefer without worrying about any limitations imposed by the solutions. For the many possible usage scenarios—logistics, warehousing, retail, sales, service delivery, and others—they also support barcode scanning and RFID tag reading.

As mobility evolves and we all become more adapt at making productive use of it, the AX Anywhere and NAV Anywhere solutions make it more powerful and more closely tied to the business with a direct connection to the ERP system. Your goals and imagination are the limit for what you accomplish by means of mobility, not the technology tools. I would love to hear about your experiences and plans for mobility.

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