26 April 2015

Managing change strategically by using BPM for Microsoft Dynamics AX

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Many customers rely on the To-Increase business process management (BPM) solution, RapidValue, to achieve reliable, fast, and strategic implementations of Microsoft Dynamics AX. However, RapidValue is also a powerful tool to help companies realize business transformations, which are often not directly related to ERP deployments. Managing business transformation effectively can help a company maintain a strategic direction in managing change, and evolve day-to-day operations without interfering with their productivity.

Across industries, companies are looking for ways to become more competitive and agile operations and generate greater returns from their investments in processes and infrastructures. Many of them engage in business transformation initiatives to ensure their success in a fast-moving, digitally powered world. What most of these efforts have in common is that they need to translate a strategic vision into employee actions and business systems. BPM is a proven, powerful approach to achieve this. When we talk about business transformation at To-Increase, we consider it in three distinct phases. RapidValue supports each of them.

  • Align strategies with company objectives. In RapidValue, companies can align the strategy behind their business, process, and application models, and set up metrics to verify their achievement. Within the business model, this effort includes defining overall business process hierarchies, stakeholders and organizational roles, objectives, KPIs, even the mission statement. The process model identifies the workflows in processes and sub-processes, activities, responsibilities, and step-by-step procedures. The application model maps business processes and requirements for the company’s software tools to the ERP system or other applications.
  • Reduce risk with clear definitions, thorough testing, employee education, and consensus-building. An element of risk is always part of managing change and business transformation, and therefore it is necessary to manage and mitigate risks. When companies design and implement changes with the help of RapidValue, they can take a number of steps to limit their risk liability. In a structured manner, BPM helps them assess each business process to discover potential risk elements, and fine-tune the scope, milestones, and requirements as needed, in line with a fit/gap analysis. They also can also determine which individuals, roles, and business groups are touched by the business transformation effort in which way, so they communicate and build acceptance and consensus around planned changes across the company. In addition, they can run business transformation tests within RapidValue and give the stakeholders the opportunity to approve or reject changes.
  • Improve operations across roles and processes, and maintain the momentum of positive change. Using RapidValue, companies can create and publish role and process guidance to ensure universal adoption of the process changes, streamline employee training, and ensure that everybody works in sync with the direction of the company’s transformation initiative. They can also rely on the solution to verify compliance with changing regulatory, industry, or company-specific mandates and quality standards.

RapidValue INTERACT, the social BPM app, can be invaluable in gathering employee feedback in response to operational changes. In INTERACT, employees can review processes on their tablets and submit improvement suggestions.

In realizing BPM-driven business transformations, companies often proceed from strategy, to risk management, to operational improvements, in sequence. However, all three aspects of business transformation really need to be envisioned and planned at the same time in order to keep them aligned. As companies move through their transformation priorities and make seemingly small changes in roles and workflows, RapidValue helps them to keep these strategic and ensure that they are driven by the same values.

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In the next blog post, we review in more detail how RapidValue supports a typical business transformation scenario. With any feedback or questions, please drop me note here.

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