25 February 2019

Manage access and security roles without adding to the cost

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In the current business scenario, most businesses know the importance of having the right system in place to support efficient work and adherence to processes. The idea being that processes and roles should be aligned, ensure that all measures are in place to meet compliance requirements, and transform operations to work towards business productivity. In such a situation, companies also must be aware of the cost factor that is involved in setting up a system that will enhance security and improve the segregation of roles.

The process of setting up roles and security related to it can be not only time-consuming but also expensive. What you need is a solution that will automatically lead you through the process and ensure that the data is secure. Before you start the process of defining rules, you should be aware that there would be a set of pre-configured user and security rights in the system. Any changes that you make would have a domino effect and cascade to other roles. Such a situation would mean you spend too much on licenses, allow misuse of information, and have issues to meeting compliance requirements.

Here are the steps that you can take to resolve the situation:

Record: The idea behind this is to sit with the principal user and use the solution to record the task that he or she would do automatically. The user has to be requested to carry out the job in a regular manner. During this process, the steps taken, the screens used, and the buttons deployed are all recorded. Doing this process would record and help the system understand all the steps in a particular process.

Match: The next step in the process is to match the actions recorded in the process to a predefined role in the system. At this stage, you need to know that the match would not be a hundred percent. However, the percentile method of matching will ensure that the user roles are clarified.  The higher the percentile match, the more likely is the user to get the complete license rights.

Define: Once the roles are defined based on the recording of the process, the definition of the licenses would become more evident. The costlier and more comprehensive licenses would be given to the principal roles, and the cheaper and less extensive licenses would be given to the majority of the team. Therefore, not only would the access be given to the right person, steps would be taken to ensure that productivity is not affected due to the licensing issues while still curbing expenses.

Add mobility: Another aspect that you can consider during the process of implementing business productivity solutions is that the mobility aspect should be enabled. There may be some people who are in critical roles that need to have access to mobility solutions. The right solution would allow users to make their own mobile applications where they can ensure data validity, work towards reducing errors and make sure that security measures are in place.

Take the first step toward ensuring security and compliance!

Daniel Villegas,
Daniel Villegas,
Partner Alliance Manager

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