10 January 2019

Learn How BPM Can Help in Business Transformation

Learn How Business Process Management Can Help in Business Transformation

If you are a business in today’s world, it is likely that you face the need to re-look at the way you do business regularly. The constant need to improve and transform your business is not just to survive but also to stay ahead of the competition. What it would translate to is the need for a company to have strategies that are well-defined and aligned with operations. A forward-thinking company would need to ensure that they make significant improvements in their operations, have change management processes in place, and work on mitigating risks that may arise during this process.

Business Process Management (BPM) can help with all the efforts required in a business transformation. The business, which is going through the transformation can leverage BPM to ensure that all goals—operational and strategic, can be aligned with the overall strategy of the company. As a result, the business can optimize all the resources, processes, and applications.

For example, a strategic goal of improving ROI can be broken down into parts. It could be down to the improvement of the quality of products without increasing costs, tighter inventory management, bring innovation to the product line, and efficiently managing cash flow. BPM can be used for most of these steps to make the process transparent and efficient.

In many businesses, the goal of managing and improving the cash flow can be one of the main focus areas. What this essentially means is that reduce the number of days payments to be received are outstanding and make payment processes efficient to avail discounts and better terms. In such a scenario, BPM can ensure that all the stakeholders (accounts, sales, collections, etc.) have access to the right information. They can also have a view of how their role flows into the achievement of the final objective. Having this information can help in better role definition as well as support the identification of critical milestones.

The complete process can be streamlined by putting in place stringent timelines and ensuring that gaps, if any, are resolved, in the business transformation process. The resolution of these gaps can then be measured in the results that each of the stakeholders are supposed to achieve in their respective roles. The use of BPM can be made to further the improvement areas. The BPM suite would also include tools for measuring the progress.

Good BPM solutions offer a social app that helps the team share information. The app can also be used to share and glean best practices that can be used further towards business transformation. The added value of an improved team spirit and camaraderie is another benefit from the shared participation in the business transformation goals.

There is no doubt that BPM can make transformation with an organized effort and helps reduce issues during the process. For any queries,  please contact To-Increase.

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Daniel Villegas
Daniel Villegas,
Daniel Villegas,
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