10 September 2015

Maintain integrity of processes and compliance efforts with RapidValue

BPM with new Release Management feature in To-Increase RapidValue maintains the integrity of your processes and compliance efforts

Implementing effective standards is critical for the success of your business process management (BPM) initiative, no matter whether you perform an ERP deployment or want to align processes with quality standards and company goals. In the latest version of To-Increase RapidValue, our BPM solution for Microsoft Dynamics AX, a new feature called Release Management helps you avoid tampering with processes and ensure that the organization follows the right standards. In a one-step action, Release Management creates an unalterable copy of your entire solution that you can make available throughout the company.

When you build your solution in To-Increase RapidValue for Microsoft Dynamics AX, including all the processes and documentation that belong to it, investing the work and time of business and ERP stakeholders, you also need to maintain the integrity of your BPM effort. You want to make sure people follow approved processes and refer to the appropriate guidance. If the BPM initiative must ensure verifiable compliance with ISO standards, regulatory mandates, and industry- or company-specific quality frameworks, this is business-critical. Unauthorized changes to processes and other content could be consequential as they bring chaos to your BPM effort and jeopardize compliance.

In the new 6.3.1502 release of RapidValue, we added the Release Management feature to help you ensure that everybody in the organization follows appropriate processes and standards, and that no changes to your solution and processes happen out of turn. Release Management in RapidValue lets you capture and save a solution with its hundreds or thousands of content elements as a single entity that cannot be altered. The Release Management feature is extremely efficient, taking a snapshot of the entire solution and freezing it in a single step. When you release that solution to your organization, it becomes the BPM standard. Solution releases can only be viewed or deleted, nothing else. For a given solution, you can create updated releases as often as you like.


Your solution might include many different types of content created and collected through the life of your BPM project, for instance, re-purposed components from other solutions, standardized processes provided by an ISV or ERP consultant, process and documentation libraries that support industry standards, and unique processes and documents you created for this solution alone. When you use version numbers to indicate consecutive updates to content items, Release Management incorporates the versioning, another feature that is new in RapidValue 6.3.1502. Versioning and Release Management are complementary: They both help you maintain transparency in your BPM initiative. Versioning makes it easy to track revisions to processes and other solution content within the BPM team and ensure contributors refer to current content. Release Management safeguards your entire solution when you make it available across the company.

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