1 July 2020

Anywhere for Logistics—Mobile App: Top 5 Customer FAQs

The latest stats show that the logistics market is expected to reach $12,256 billion, growing at a CAGR of 3.48% from 2016 to 2022. The increasing number of logistics companies indicate a rise also in the competition. Customers rate these companies based on their speed of delivering goods. Therefore, if you want to be in the race, shaking hands with technology will go a long way.

Today, there are a lot of mobile apps for logistics out there to help you improve your logistics processes and increase warehouse productivity. Some of the questions you may have are:

1. Which scanning
 and mobility app should you choose, and what are its benefits?

2. Is it capable of fulfilling all your existing and future requirements?

3. Is it scalable?

4. Does it offer any extended new functionalities and features?

To-Increase Anywhere Logistics is our comprehensive mobile application for logistics that helps improve the efficiency of warehouse management and reduce costs, among other benefits. Most of the logistics companies approaching us, at To-Increase, have similar questions, which we think are good points to be considered when selecting a logistics mobility solution. 



In this article, I will address the top 5 most frequently asked questions by our customers at To-Increase, which will also cover the top benefits of Anywhere for Logistics.

Anywhere for Logistics (Mobile App): Top 5 Customer FAQ 

1. Does Anywhere for Logistics support inventory management (WMS-I) processes? 

There are two logistics solutions available within Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Supply Chain Management (MS D365 SCM):

1. Advanced Warehousing (WHS)

2. Inventory Management (WMS-I)

Advanced warehousing is used for advanced distribution centers that process a massive number of logistics transactions per day. Processes and planning are based on templates that generate the work needed to be processed on mobile scanners. Microsoft already provides an out-of-the-box scanning solution for that.

What if you don’t need an advanced (and complex) warehouse management solution, and just the inventory management (WMS-I) is enough for you, but you still need a mobile scanning solution?

The Microsoft advanced warehousing scanning solution cannot be used for inventory management (WMS-I), so there Anywhere for Logistics is the answer. It contains all the logistics processes that you can use on a daily basis.

2. How does Anywhere for Logistics support my future requirements? 

We can, of course, not look into the future, but there are some key features within Anywhere for Logistics that can support future requirements.

Anywhere for Logistics is built based on how it can cater to your future requirements. It is not built as a static solution that requires coding for every element. It is built on top of Anywhere Mobility Studio, which comes as a part of the Anywhere for Logistics solution itself. Just to be clear—no, it is not a product that you’ll need to buy additionally.

It is possible to change the existing apps or even create new apps based on the functionalities that are provided by our framework and solutions that you purchase. You can do most of it via configuration, but if coding is required, then it can be coded once and used in every app.

Essentially, the coding is done in X++, which is the same for every other customization in D365 Supply Chain Management. Besides, the framework is also extended with new features every time. For example, last year, we added the camera control, note control, and map control features to the framework, and more there is more to come. Also, new apps will be released to enhance the solution further.

Most of these app extensions are based on the requirements of our customers using Anywhere for Logistics. We strive for a user-centric logistics mobile app and hence prefer collaborating with them to enhance and improve our solution as per their real business needs.

3. Is the solution scalable? 

Many customers are, usually, concerned whether their mobile inventory management software can adapt to the demands of their expanding business?

Anywhere for Logistics is fully integrated with D365 Supply Chain Management, which is already a scalable solution. Moreover, a lot of functionalities are added continuously to the Anywhere Mobility Studio to improve performance and monitor it.

All in all, whenever you’re facing an increase in demands, Anywhere for Logistics can adapt and support your transforming business. So, yes, it is absolutely scalable.

4. Is it difficult to implement Anywhere for Logistics? 

No, not at all.

Although our mobility logistics app is built to serve a greater part within D365 Supply Chain Management, we do make use of the standard functionality that D365 SCM provides. Even if there are customizations created in D365 SCM, they can be easily integrated into Anywhere for Logistics.

It is also possible to implement Anywhere for Logistics in phases. A common practice is to start with incoming processes like purchase and transfer order receipts and extend this, later, with transfers, counting, inventory corrections, and picking. Besides the apps, it requires a wifi network within the warehouses and scanning devices. If you already have scanning devices, then you can also use them for Anywhere for Logistics in most cases, as long as it can open a browser.

If you need to purchase new scanning devices, then it is good to know that there are a whole lot of them in the market. Although an essential part of the total mobile scanning solution, not all the devices are of good quality. Therefore we have a partnership with Zebra, who can deliver not only good scanning devices, but also their partner network to ensure a proper infrastructure in your warehouse.

5. I am on AX2012 or AX2009 currently- is your solution available for those versions as well? 

Yes, it is. Anywhere for Logistics was initially built for AX2009 and AX2012. Therefore, our logistics mobile software solution is available for these versions as well.

However, in case if you decide to migrate to D365 Supply Chain Management at a later stage, you know that Anywhere for Logistics is available there as well.


More about To-Increase Anywhere Logistics Mobility App?
To-Increase Anywhere Logistics has been helping companies streamline their logistics processes by simplifying operations, improving productivity, and enhancing accuracy. The solution makes use of barcodes to offer efficient inventory management and also furnished complete product details in just a single scan.

I hope I was able to answer the burning questions for logistics mobile app of most logistics companies at large, through these Anywhere for Logistics customer FAQs.

Feel free to talk to our expert to discuss this further or if you need a demo. 




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