17 December 2018

Accomplish Successful ERP Deployments with Business Process Management

Successful ERP Deployments with Business Process Management

Business Process Management (BPM) can help companies accomplish successful and strategic ERP deployments and much more. Businesses across industries use BPM to become more efficient and valuable to their customers, technology partners, and ISVs. In this blog, we will look at the potential benefits of BPM.

A value-driven BPM tool can help you can achieve a strategically sound ERP implementation that enables people, processes, and technology to align behind the company’s business goals. Further, it helps improve your business processes and leverage your ERP system to optimize workflows. A BPM tool brings in established industry best practices and processes making your ERP implementation more streamlined.

BPM helps create higher customer value

Some of our key partners now follow a value-driven BPM approach when addressing their customers’ complex issues. Engineers and project managers work with their customers to define goals, establish deliverables, document and optimize the processes these deliverables need to support, model them within the solution, and eventually deliver them with great efficiency. They use BPM tool capabilities to create and publish process-oriented documentation and user guidance for their products. This helps them provide their customers with an exceptional value experience. It also helps them unearth process optimizations and efficiencies that make their practice more profitable.

Using BPM to build better software

ISVs are using BPM to document, model, and optimize the business processes that their solutions support. They incorporate industry expertise and best practices into the process content and in the same tool, manage progressive iterations of their products with their various enhancements and improvements. Serving as a simple central repository for reusable, maintainable business strategy and process knowledge, an apt BPM tool helps teams deliver strategically aligned enhancements in the way companies operate. The value-driven BPM approach and process-oriented mindset can ensure that joint projects proceed smoothly and deliver outstanding, lasting value to all parties.

Find out how To-Increase’s RapidValue BPM suite, a business process management tool makes it possible to sync business processes with the ERP system and align it with your company’s objectives and strategies.  

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Daniel Villegas
Daniel Villegas,
Daniel Villegas,
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