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Enable a Single Source of Truth through Centralized or Decentralized Master Data Ownership

MDM Studio

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

How MDM Studio helps our customers


Empower data stewards to manage master data

Enable data stewards to manage the creation, validation, and distribution of centralized and decentralized Master Data among D365FO companies and across external systems.


Make informed decisions with trusted data insights

Establish control over master data and ensure data integrity with a formalized approach towards master data change management and establish controls as required.

Ensure top-quality, resource-efficient production, distribution

Enhance data quality with accuracy and consistency

Eliminate inconsistencies and improve the quality of data across various entities to improve overall productivity and increase operational efficiency across the company.

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Improve data compliance with change management

Put processes in place to ensure that change requests for master data are put through the correct approvals to improve overall change trails and thereby compliance.


Want to make your data work for you to provide insights and enable correct reporting?


Get the Most of Your Data, Gain Insights, and Enable Reporting of Critical Information

The Master Data Management (MDM) Studio helps you manage master data between companies and applications. MDM ensures uniform, manageable, accurate, consistent, and accountable data.

What MDM Studio Offers

Staging tables

The optional use of dynamic staging tables provides an additional mechanism to validate data and automate the release processes. When a staging area is used, the data stewards can validate and correct incoming master data before they release it.

Staging Tables-MDM

The flexibility of data mapping

Create different mappings for global data, regional data, and local data in case you do not want to share all the master data details with all companies. This way you can maintain the integrity of data while still ensuring that stakeholders have the data they need.

The flexibility of data mapping-MDM

Controlled receiving of data by data stewards

Data stewards can validate the inbound master data and receive it from a central inbox. Therefore the control on the quality of data is in the hands of the data stewards. Any changes the data stewards want to make can be done in the staging area.

Controlled receive of data by data stewards-MDM


Change request management

Business users can design processes to ensure that master data change requests get appropriate approvals before changes are made. You can ensure that the ability to access information does not correspond to the ability to make changes.

Change request management-MDM

Empower Your Data Stewards with Ownership of Master Data!

Empower Your Data Stewards with Ownership of Master Data!

MDM Studio helps you manage master data between entities.

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