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Electronic Document Interchange

Become a Competitive Supplier and Add Value to Your Customers with Effective EDI Communication

EDI Studio

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

How EDI Studio helps our customers

Improve manufacturing efficiency

Eliminate time-consuming and error-prone manual data entry

Enable quick, accurate, and touchless document handling with EDI and  run an efficient business from order-to-cash and purchase-to-pay, including 3PL or VMI processes as and when required

Business Productivity Solutions-Meet Compliance

Manage exceptions without leaving the D365FO environment

When you have documents with inaccurate data, that is validated in D365FO, EDI studio enables sales and purchase personnel to handle them without leaving D365FO or seeking help from the IT department.

reducing cost

Benefit from high-performance EDI messaging and integration

As EDI studio has an in-built Microsoft-certified configurable messaging and integration platform, you do not need external components. It is also easy to set up and use and offers detailed history tracking.


Set up and manage EDI within Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations

Gain the option of flexibility to connect with trading partners directly or via EDI brokers or VANs. You can also manage the set up through configuration and templates using your existing resources.


Eager to optimize your supply chain execution with seamlessly integrated EDI?



EDI studio can handle all your trading partner communications!

Here is a detailed look at how the Microsoft-certified EDI Studio solution can ease your business and empower you with increased efficiency, improved fulfillment times, and lowered costs.

EDI-2-Flow Diagram

EDI-2-Flow: An integrated EDI solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365

EDI-2-FLOW for D365 from TIE Kinetix is a combined offering with To-Increase. It provides a complete technical and functional integration between the trading partner (e.g., customers or suppliers) and Microsoft Dynamics 365. The solution includes functionality inside D365 for exception handling of EDI documents by business users, complete message history, and all the needed triggers to automate the EDI processes inside the ERP. The To-Increase solutions come with capabilities to also configure third-party system integrations, data migration, or master data distribution. 

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What EDI Studio Offers

Staging tables

You have the option to use staging journals as an additional mechanism to validate data and automate processes. You can validate and correct incoming data at the staging area without involving IT or accessing another system.

EDI - Staging Tables

Trading partner setup

Add the EDI setup per trading partner to the D365FO master data like customers and vendors. This will automatically trigger EDI communication, and then you can finetune as per the EDI capabilities and customer or vendor needs.

EDI - Trading partner setup

History Management

When you have the complete history of all incoming and outgoing messages, business and IT can track document processing and message transmissions to solve issues and rerun messages.

EDI - History Management

EDI Messages

Use out-of-the-box EDI message tutorials to speed up the implementation time and enable quicker communication with EDI trading Partners.

EDI Messages - edit

Discover how EDI Studio can help digitally transform your supply chain processes

Discover how EDI Studio can help digitally transform your supply chain processes

Add value to your customers with effective communication.

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