6 July 2014

How-To Videos Talk You through Practical Web Services Scenarios

How-To Videos Talk You through Practical Web Services Scenarios

Are you looking to do more with web services? We recently produced two practical videos. They show you how to use To-Increase Web Service Studio to create web services, test them in Microsoft InfoPath, and retrieve data from Microsoft Dynamics AX tables by means of web services. In less than two-and-a-half minutes, you see the steps involved—and are ready to experiment with new web services.

You can get to both new videos from the demo tab on the Web Service Studio page.

The first video talks you through creating web services and testing them in Microsoft InfoPath. It complements a about the same topic I published a few months ago.

In the second video, you see how you can create web services that retrieve item data from multiple tables in Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Do you find these videos useful? Have questions or comments? Please get in touch.

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Arend Post
Arend Post,
Arend Post,
Solution Architect for Dynamics AX Arend helps To-Increase customers and the partners supporting them gain the highest possible value from their investment in Microsoft Dynamics AX by means of continuous enhancements in To-Increase’s Business Integration Solutions. Before Arend began working at To-Increase, he spent many years as a principal software engineer, project manager, and principal technical consultant at such companies as Infor and SSA Global.

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