12 May 2022

To-Increase Strengthens Its Integration Engine with an Integration Performance Monitoring App

Connectivity Monitor - Integrations Monitoring App

The Connectivity Monitor App helps Connectivity Studio users gauge and optimize their systems' integration performance.  

Veenendaal, The Netherlands, May 2022 To-Increase is pleased to announce the launch of its new application, 'Connectivity Monitor' (formerly known as Unified Integration Performance Monitoring or UIPM) for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management. Designed to be a valuable feature for our application integration software Connectivity Studio, this application will offer our customers a superior integration experience that will enable them to enhance the success rate of their integration projects.  

The Connectivity Monitor App enables business users to easily manage and optimize integration health for better business continuity. You can not only monitor system integrations but also the active business processes within To-Increase's EDI Studio and MDM Studio. 

Why do you need to simplify integration monitoring?

As communicating with your customers and business partners globally becomes more of a necessity than an option, systems integrations have taken up priority in the cloud world. Integration projects, therefore, have become a big part of ERP implementations. Despite the growing complexity of the integration ecosystem, however, most organizations have limited visibility into the health of their integrations and less-than-ideal control over their distributed application landscape. 

A simplified integration performance monitoring application like Connectivity Monitor can benefit you here. Built for Connectivity Studio users on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management, our new app helps you monitor, debug, and improve the overall performance of your data integrations for Dynamics 365 F&SCM data management with ease. Not only does the solution enable your functional personnel to play an important role in the management and maintenance of integrations but also allows you to gauge the impact of integration failure across legal entities and applications, helping you make timely remedial decisions. 

How does Connectivity Monitor add value to your integrations? 

The Connectivity Monitor App is an intuitive integration monitoring tool that can help you track the health of your business-critical integrations easily while enabling you to troubleshoot performance issues in real-time. Below are some of its key benefits: 

Executive-level visibility 

Understanding the details of your integration health becomes easy with the Connectivity Monitor app. You can now remotely access and monitor the performance of your integrations by installing the application on your mobile phones or tablets. It provides you with insights into the impact of integration failure across legal entities and applications and allows you to trigger timely resolutions to negate the impact of an integration failure. 

Strategic performance monitoring 

The Connectivity Monitor app enables you to significantly reduce the business impact of an integration downtime and optimize slow-performing integrations (such as by optimizing hardware). The app not only allows you to easily monitor crucial integrations but also oversee business processes, manage master data and track EDI messages — all in one place. 

Actionable message log details 

With Connectivity Monitor, you can now navigate to the failed integrations quickly with the failure URL at hand to ensure timely resolution. You can also slice and dice integration errors by project, application, or company and then assign them to your team for resolution. The Connectivity Monitor app significantly improves your turnaround time in resolving integration problems. 

Seamless collaboration 

The Connectivity Monitor App has been embedded within Microsoft Teams for easy accessibility and monitoring. This ensures that alerts are sent within Teams as soon as there is an integration failure, thus reducing failure response time. You also have the option of adding tailored alerts via Power Automate as well.

Monitoring breadth 

Connectivity Monitor works seamlessly with our other business integration solution, EDI Studio, as well as our master data management solution, MDM Studio – both of which have been built on top of our powerful integration engine, Connectivity Studio. 

Accelerate your journey to Microsoft's latest tools 

The new Connectivity Monitor app for Connectivity Studio is built upon Dataverse as a foundation and leverages Power Apps, Power BI, and MS Teams as front-end layers to give you the best of the Microsoft ecosystem. If your organization is beginning to learn and adopt these or is wanting to continue on the path, Connectivity Monitor can be a great addition to your application landscape as well.  

To-Increase's Connectivity Studio for Dynamics 365 is a prerequisite for Connectivity Monitor. You would also require Power BI and Power Platform licenses (available with Enterprise licenses of D365 F&SCM) to run the app. 

Connectivity Monitor in a nutshell 

What sets the integration performance monitoring app apart is its ability to ensure that your integrations are running at their peak efficiency with minimal downtime. In other words, with Connectivity Monitor, you get the most out of Connectivity Studio. 

The road map for Connectivity Studio 

To-Increase continues to invest and lead in the Dynamics 365 integration space with user-friendly solutions such as Connectivity Studio. We will continue to enhance the solution further based on customer feedback. 

To know more about the features and benefits of Connectivity Monitor for Connectivity Studio, download our factsheet. 

Want to know more about the features and benefits of Connectivity Monitor for Connectivity Studio?

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About To-Increase  

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Press Contact  

Luciano Cunha – Chief Executive Officer, To-Increase  


Luciano Cunha,
Luciano Cunha,
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) For Luciano, being responsible for To-Increase’s global sales and marketing means unleashing the company’s insight, innovation, and creativity to tell our story and help customers achieve their goals. On the road much of the time, he travels the world to meet with customers, understand their challenges and ambitions, and find the most effective ways to help them advance. Luciano develops and mentors our marketing and sales team, and creates strategies to help the To-Increase worldwide partner channel thrive and grow.

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