21 May 2014

New File History in Connectivity Studio Simplifies Data Imports

New File History in To-Increase Connectivity Studio Simplifies ERP Data Imports

When companies use Microsoft Dynamics AX as their ERP system and need to import data from other systems, things can get complicated quickly. But if you use To-Increase Connectivity Studio, you can manage these imports more reliably and efficiently. With a new File History feature in Connectivity Studio, which stores each action on a file, you can track all activities affecting a file and have better control over the entire ERP importing process. Here is a brief overview of how this works.

Imagine a company that runs an instance of Microsoft Dynamics AX in one location, has a CRM system elsewhere, and connects the two by means of an FTP integration. Admins create XML files—for example, of new customers—in the CRM system and move them to the FTP server. Then, through a message in Connectivity Studio, they import these XML files into the ERP system. This is just one of many actions you can take with Connectivity Studio when you manage files—you can move, copy, and zip them, or post and retrieve them to and from FTP sites or web services. Until recently, errors were typically shown in batches only. The File History feature in Connectivity Studio makes it much easier for administrators to identify and resolve them. In our example, to bring the files into the ERP system, you first need to move them from the FTP folder into the working folder as defined on the Connectivity Connector in Connectivity Studio.

You can open file action histories from the main menu, the Connector, or the message. On the Connector, you can set up file actions for each folder.

File Actions on Connector

These are the possible file actions:

Possible File Actions

You can now manage the history of these file actions with the Connectivity Studio File History. You can also create alerts to notify you whenever an error occurs in the process of transferring files into the ERP system.

Connectivity Studio File History

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