19 February 2014

Avoid Errors by Initializing ODBC tables for Data Migration Projects

Avoid Errors by Initializing ODBC tables for Data Migration Projects

New functionality in To-Increase Business Integration Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics AX enables you to refresh all field names at the level of an entire data migration project. Up until now, you could only do this per migration. With the new capability, you can save time and avoid errors resulting from data entry errors or forgotten fields. Here is a brief overview of how this works.

Many companies import information from their legacy systems to a staging area before migrating it into Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. Then they use To-Increase Data Migration Studio to bring the data from there into the ERP system. When you receive a new update from your database it can contain new fields. You can address this in two ways:

  • An overview of the migration fields with a created date time stamp, which makes it easy to find the new fields again
  • An initialization method at the project level

Overview of the migration fields

In a new form you can find all the fields for a migration. In this form you can filter on a migration project but also on the date and time fields were created.

ODBC Blog Post 1

Initializing fields at project level

We added a new option to the project form so you can initialize from ODBC. There is no more need to select the records one by one.

ODBC Blog Post 2

By using the new form you can easily find the added fields when you need to, based on the date and time filter.

As always, please share your feedback or questions. I look forward to hearing about your experience.

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