28 May 2019

How Can Electronic Data Interchange Increase Your Business Efficiency?

Simplify and strengthen EDI data validation by applying business rules

Simplify and strengthen EDI data validation by applying business rules

In a rapidly changing digital world, the movement of documents between stakeholders is also moving away from paper and onto online formats like everything else. Though electronic media can make the process of document interchange easier and faster, there are some concerns around safety, the formats, the compliance aspect, and efficiency.

Here is where a solution like EDI or Electronic Data Interchange Studio comes into play. EDI Studio is known to have helped organizations make their order and invoice processes easier and stable, especially given that EDI  can integrate seamlessly into Dynamics 365 for Operations.

Want to know how EDI Studio can help increase the efficiency of your business operations?

Improve the accuracy and speed of document movement: Document movement lies at the root of procurement, ordering, invoicing, and other related processes. With EDI Studio, you will be able to enable speedy, accurate, and touchless handling of the document from end-to-end. No more will you have to depend on manual data entry, which can be time-consuming, relying on the memory of the stakeholders involved, and not completely dependable.

Manage exceptions without leaving Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations: In a business where there are huge volumes of documents and data being interchanged, it is important that you have the wherewithal to validate and correct the data without leaving the core system. With EDI, you can validate the data and enables the purchase and sales team to handle this while in the Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations by themselves without getting additional help from the IT department. The exception management helps in optimizing resources and increasing efficiency.

Take advantage of the efficient and EDI messaging and integration feature: As EDI studio offers your business an in-built Microsoft-certified configurable platform for messaging and integration, you can complete this task without seeking help or assistance from external sources. The additional benefit is that it is easy to deploy and utilize. Furthermore, you can use the history tracking feature to track and validate the changes that have been made.

Deploy and manage EDI within the Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations:  How many times in your business dealings have you wished for the flexibility to have a connection with your trading partners directly or via EDI brokers or VANs while being independent of ERP? EDI can help you do that. What is more, when you are in the process of setting up EDI, you will be able to do it leveraging your existing resources instead of seeking additional resources as it requires configuration, not coding.

As must be clear from the above features that we have outlined, EDI Studio can help you keep control on expenses and reduce risk in your general communications and processes. It has been seen that many of the common usage instances for EDI Studio include the optimization of the supply chain, the exchange of intercompany orders, and the transmission of other documents. These could pertain to confirmation of purchase orders, validation of sale orders, especially for large volumes, broadcasting pricing and product updates to retail POS systems.

Learn how the integration of EDI with MS D365FO can improve the efficiency of your supply chain?

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Jerry Caous,
Jerry Caous,
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