2 June 2014

New Connectivity Option Gives IT Managers Better Control over Data

New Connectivity Option Gives IT Managers Better Control over Data

In the To-Increase Business Integration Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics AX, we try to make data migration and imports as easy and predictable as possible. We recently added an option to To-Increase Connectivity Studio and To-Increase Data Migration Studio that enables you to review incoming data and check on its integrity. This is one additional tool to give you more control over the results of data migration and data imports in your company.

You can easily manage data migration projects with To-Increase Data Migration Studio, setting up data migration to map your data to the data model of Microsoft Dynamics AX. Sometimes, your data migration result may not be what you expected. There could be several reasons for this—business rules that initialize fields, another date format than you assumed, or different values. You have the trace option to see what is going on with your data migration. But you might also find it helpful to review the input when your data migration looks fine.

Similarly, in working with To-Increase Connectivity Studio, you can easily import sales orders from a customer. With the help of the solution, you create a sales order in Microsoft Dynamics AX based on the incoming XML or text file. No matter whether a sales order is valid or you spot an error, you may find it useful to be able to compare incoming data with your current sales order and see to what extent they differ.

To make that possible, we added another choice to your data migration and import management options in Connectivity Studio and Data Migration Studio. You can specify if you want to store your data. When you check this, all incoming data for each status will be available for review. The screen illustrations below are from Data Migration Studio. In Connectivity Studio, you would pick the option from a message instead of a migration, but the history management step is essentially the same.

DMS Incoming 1

When you use this option, you also see the record details for incoming data when the status is indicated as finished. You can check the values for each incoming record.

DMS Incoming 2

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